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STUPD bundle with Digital Thermometer

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We hope to give Fellow Stagg a second chance for a digital upgrade. As much as we love the younger brother, EKG, we believed that Stagg still serves very well for the home brewer, when we don't require consecutive brews at a single time. So we thought giving it a deserves upgrade to a digital thermometer, which is faster and more accurate in comparison to the current setup.

STUPD serves as an adapter between Stagg and a digital thermometer that we sourced and tested for countless brew sessions. We recommend every homebrewer should be equipped with a digital thermometer, regardless you have a Stagg or not

The Digital Thermometer brand is Akirakoki, range of temperature is between -45°C and 200°C. Package including sleeves with shirt clips, kettle clipper, and battery (L1154F). Choice of the black or white faceplate.


STUPD is created by using one of the latest and also widely used 3D printing technology called Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

There are wide ranges of materials that can be used for our printing. After thorough research and testing, we have decided on Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS, commonly used as protective carrying cases, pen housing, small kitchen appliances, and toys). The advantages of this material over the other: High Strength, Extra Tough - Low Shrinkage - Chemical Resistance - Higher Temperature Resistance

Digital Thermometer is an assembly of Stainless Steel, plastics, and PCB



W50mm x H28mm x D40mm

Digital Thermometer

46mm x 35mm x 140mm

IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: We do not recommend STUPD on Stagg to be used on stovetop/induction/direct heat source, as the steam will degrade the product over time. We are not responsible for any deformity to our product for the above practice unless it's a manufacturing defect.


Any product that required made from FDM or other machines/techniques is sold on a pre-order basis. Once you have placed your order, we will proceed with the printing based on the choice of design and color. Once the order has been printed, we will perform QC inspection and hand finishing if required, then we will proceed with packaging and shipment. Please take note the entire process will take from 5-10 working days, however, we are committed to delivering products with the highest quality in the shortest time frame possible.


STUPD Designed and Made in Malaysia

Thermometer Made in China

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